April 2019 - Usually open every day

but you are recommended to check during flooding weather

The Lakes

Both Lakes have easy access and by pre-reservation handicap vehicle access may be permitted but only on display of an official EU

handicapped card. There is a disability fishing platform recently renovated.

The larger lake is approx 2 acres with 2 islands. It is regularly stocked.

The lakes were last stocked on the 2nd August.

Introduced Rainbow trout are in the range 2 to 20 pounds. There is also a natural population of native brown trout.

You will see, in action, the new oxygen aerator introduced on the larger lake. This should preserve fish health and strength.

We have reinvested everything over the last few years to expand and improve our services and make South Linden Fisheries simply the best .We hope you enjoy your fishing here.

Current hours (16 May) are 07:30 to 21:30 Monday to Friday & 07:00 to 21:30 Saturday and Sunday

The best flies have been yellow dancer, black & green montana and daddy longlegs.

Rods, reels and flies are available at additional charge.

There is a Lodge and lavatory on site.

A feature of the fishery is the facility for group fishing with BBQ afterwards but these events must be booked in advance and are subject to availability.

Please place litter in the bins (not beside them) at every alternate platform. You are never more than 20 metres from a bin.

The fishery can be contacted by telephone at 01670 788366 and where possible enquiries are usually best directed to

Simon Kelly at 07954 134005‬‬.

You may also email us at     contact@southlindenfisheries.co.uk

If you wish to receive fishery news by email please email that address with reports please in the subject bar. If you are not registered with the fishery you may also, optionally, include any or all of your full name, address and telephone number.