We have made quite a few changes recently at South Linden the biggest being that I now have Simon Kelly as my right hand man. I am sure quite a few of you already know Simon who is normally on site 24hrs a day. Simon is here to lighten my responsibilities as I continue my recovery, if you have any problems, requests or just general enquiries Simon is your man.

Hot weather and fish stress

Please excercise especial care in returning fish during hot weather as the fish are particularly stressed in such conditions. Special aeration equipment is being installed to further alleviate this problem for the 2019 season onwards.

On-going work

Progress has been made and repairs are finished to two platforms and the disabled platform. The new pegs are also prepared and waiting only for new gravel for easier access. In May new security covers were installed over the two lake outfalls; please do not stand on them.


It has been necessary to make a significant investment in CCTV cameras after incidents of theft and vandalism and we should now be able to identify and prosecute any offenders. Simon also will search bags without given reason on a random basis. We hope for your support in identifying any miscreants who, although of negligible numbers, can do considerable harm and adversely affect your pleasure fishing here. Our objective is to ensure that the fishing is always improving for our visitors. To this end the stocking was increased this year with many more big fish so I hope that you have a fantastic season.

Tight lines.

Andrew Green

An 18lb brown trout caught at South Linden.

Be careful of your fingers when unhooking monster trout!